Why I Switched Back to Firefox

As an alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox once reigned supreme. Over the past couple of years, however, Google Chrome has risen to claim its spot. Firefox had become more bloated, slower and less innovative. Someone at Mozilla finally realized that, however, and they have been working hard to increase Firefox’s speed, slim down the interface and be more proactive with its innovative development. Moreover, as far as Linux web browsing is concern, I now believe Firefox to be more effective for my uses than Chrome.

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Facebook Page

So, I just made a Facebook page for this site. Hopefully, it will be a way for people with questions and comments to open up discussions about the topics.  And yes, I plan to actually start posting topics regularly. As you know, a Facebook page needs the magic 25 likes to be considered worthwhile. If I cannot get 25 likes for it, I guess I will just be horribly embarrassed.

Please like it. 🙂

Web Development – Where to Start

Web traffic continues to increase daily. With almost 250 million American users alone, plus quickly expanding Internet accessibility in foreign countries, a huge target market exists for any website. Whether for a business, a hobby, a professional resume, or anything else, the Internet has resources to help. However, one of the biggest hurdles is giving your webpage something unique. The first step is to have unique content that can be updated regularly and retains an audience. The second step is to format that information in a way that people can quickly and easily read and navigate.
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How to Use Digikam to Export Photos to Flickr, PicasaWeb, and Facebook

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Digikam is a free and open source photo management software package for KDE. Many KDE-based Linux distributions either come with Digikam installed or have it available in their repositories. With Digikam, you can import photos from your digital camera or flash memory, organize and tag them, rate them, edit them, and export them to various services or custom galleries.

Three popular services that Digikam can handle are Flickr, PicasaWeb, and Facebook. The first two are social photo sites, and the last is a social networking site. All three support photo plugins used by Digikam. This makes uploading photos quick, easy, and painless.

I am operating under the assumption that you already have accounts on the services you want to use. If not, you will need to register and activate whichever accounts you want before you proceed.

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Employers and Social Media


There have been numerous reports lately about employers checking up on employees or potential employees on Facebook, MySpace, and other forms of social media.  I do not have a problem with this in principle.  I am one who has always believed that you should be real wherever you are.  If the real you is a crazy, backbiting, vendetta-seeking drunk, it is going to catch up with you.

Being denied employment because someone found out ahead of time instead of firing you later might actually do you a favor.  It might just give a person the motivation he needs to get his life together.  What bothers me more than extreme cases like that is, in most instances, the information that people provide about themselves on Facebook and other social media sites is personal information.

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