7 Security Tools for Servers

If you have decided to use Linux or another Unix-like operating system for your dedicated server, you probably factored in security into your consideration.  Linux, BSD, and similar OSes are renowned for their inherent security features.  Nevertheless, is still important to be diligent and make sure your server is as secure as possible.  A unprotected Linux server can fall victim to security flaws just as easily as any other.  This is especially true for servers connected to the Internet.

There is unfortunately no single security tool that will make Linux rock solid for you, but with the right combination of free and open source tools you can find online, you can make your server virtually impenetrable.

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10 Years of Creative Commons Freedom


If you spend any amount of time around free software users or developers, you know it is all about freedom, not price. A decade ago, it was difficult to share content without stepping on some copyright toes.

Creative Commons changed all of that and paved the way for an entirely different type of freedom-conscious community: a free content one.
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New KDE Userbase Design

The other day I noticed that KDE UserBase has a new look.

KDE UserBase screenshot

For those of you unfamiliar with KDE, it is a free and open source desktop environment, development platform, and application suite, primarily for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.  Portions of KDE are also available for Mac OS X and Windows.

KDE UserBase is a wiki containing helpful documentation for KDE users.  While KDE TechBase is for more technical information, primarily for developers, the UserBase is designed to be simple and straightforward, even for beginners.

Free Mega Games Pack For Linux

FreeMGP Splash screenRemember a time when the most complex aspect of a game was unwrapping the packaging? It was a time when a first-person shooter truly was just about one person doing a whole lot of shooting and not much else. It was a time when RAM was still counted by the megabyte and 1024×768 resolution was considered high-end.

If you do remember any of that, first of all, welcome to adulthood. Next, I would like to introduce you to FreeMGP (Mega games Pack) Vol 1. It will take you down memory lane, but even if you are too young to remember the games in this pack, playing them might still seem like a fun way to spend a summer afternoon.

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KDE 4.4 and Tabbed Windows

KDE logo blue background with white KKDE 4.4 Beta 1 has been released, and the talk of the town is the new “tabbed windows” feature. They completely slipped this one past me. I didn’t even know anyone was working on it. Anyway, it is exactly what the name implies: the ability to have multiple windows all tabbed in one window. You can even drag one window onto another window’s row of tabs.

As a writer, I have long wished for tabbed word processing (outside of Google Docs), and now that will be possible with this KWin feature.

KDE 4 Screencasts


In an effort to bring more exposure to KDE and its features, I have created two videos.  One is a brief introduction to KDE and some highly acclaimed features.  The second is about a specific application: Krunner.  It is based on an article I wrote for MakeTechEasier.

Both videos are available for streaming and download.

Introducing KDE 4.3

10 Awesome Features of Krunner in KDE 4

The production plan is also available in PDF format.

How to Layout a Book with OpenOffice.org: Part 1

ooo_writerIt is all in your head: the plot, the characters, the locations, and even the scenes, but for some reason, staring at the blank page and blinking cursor makes you freeze. You like the idea of writing a book but cannot imagine actually completing it. If that feeling sounds familiar, then this might be the right article for you.  Even if you have written a book and have it all ready to go, you may intend to self-publish it, start your own publishing company, send it to an editor, or just layout your book so you can see how it looks.

There is a long list of reasons why you might need to prepare an OpenOffice.org document in book form, and once you have learned how to do it, you will have a useful skill that you or people you know may need in the future. You can use this method for both print publications and e-books.

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