Why Print Still Rules: The Fading Legacy of E-Books

Woman reading KindleFor the better part of my career, my areas of concentration and expertise have been intellectual freedom, copyright (and copyleft), free and open source software, open access and net neutrality. But because I also have expertise in technology, people often ask me if I think e-books should replace print. They assume I would be a fan of digital books replacing paper and ink.

Personally, I prefer print books, but let us put my personal feelings aside for a moment.

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Netflix to Pay $1 Billion Dollars for More Movies

Netflix Watch Now Screenshot

If you happen to use the Netflix Watch Now service and love it, the way I do, it has been frustrating to see only a handful of new DVD releases actually make it onto the Internet streaming movie service.  Watch Now has made mailing in DVDs to get new ones seems as old-fashioned as the mail-in service once made driving to the video store seem.

Now, Netflix has cut a deal with Epix to stream movies from Paramount, Lions Gate, and MGM.  The ramifications are tremendous.  Netflix would like to stop having to pay postage on DVDs just as much as we lazy movie watchers would like to stop having to go to the mailbox and wait for new discs to arrive.  The service starts in September, although there is no word about which movies, how many movies, or how soon new releases will arrive.  Nevertheless, it will extensively increase the Netflix library.

We use our Blu-ray Disc player to play Netflix Watch Now.  You can also get a set-top-box like Roku or use a gaming console like the Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360.  There is also desktop computer support for Windows and Mac, still no Linux — shame on you, Netflix!.  Despite that one shortcoming, the future looks bright indeed.